About Local 069

AUPE Local 69 consists of Athabasca University support staff. We are one local (069) and one chapter (001), with approximately 288 members. We are located in multiple locations in the province (Athabasca, Calgary, Edmonton and St. Albert). We also have some liaison staff in other cities where collaboration programs exist.


Athabasca University petition - Support AU - please click here.



Local 69 Executive

(elected at the May 7, 2015 AGM):

Chair - Wendy Jewell, ext. 6205 email: wendyj@athabascau.ca

Vice-Chair - Ken Krawec, ext. 6323  email: kenk@athabascau.ca 

Secretary* - Dianna Freh ext. 6169   email: diannaf@athabascau.ca

* Elected at the May 19, 2016 AGM

Treasurer - Gisele Boisvert, ext. 6231  email: giseleb@athabascau.ca

Provincial Executive Rep. - Bonnie Nahornick, ext. 2901 email: bonnien@athabascau.ca

Alternate PE Rep. - Mike MacLean, ext. 6390 email: mmaclean@athabascau.ca

MSO (Membership Services Officers)


MSO - Athabasca - Gloria Rein   email: g.rein@aupe.org 

MSO - Calgary - Simon Davenport    email: s.davenport@aupe.org

MSO - Edmonton - Elda Glover   email:  e.glover@aupe.org

For a copy of the poster  - Local 69 Executive and the MSO's (to post on an AUPE Bulletin Board), please click here.



Local 69 Union Stewards

If you have any questions or need assistance with anything please do not hesitate to contact any union steward.

Wendy Jewell, ext. 6205 email: wendyj@athabascau.ca

Bonnie Nahornick, ext. 2901 email: bonnien@athabascau.ca

Carla Trudeau ext. 6327 email: carlam@athabascau.ca

No scheduled meetings at this time.



Oct. 19, 2015 - 

VP Mike Dempsey, Local 069 Chair Wendy Jewel, member Mike McLean (Athabasca University), and CUPE Local 2157 president James Reid (Keyano College) met with the Minister of Innovation and Advanced Education Lori Sigurdson in Fort McMurray Oct. 19 to discuss issues of concern involving advanced education support staff across the province, and in particular Athabasca.


L to R:VP Mike Dempsey, Wendy Jewell, Lori Sigurdson, Mike McLean and CUPE Local 2157 President James Reid (Keyano College).


Your AUPE Executive (Elected Oct. 23, 2015) 

Guy Smith, President
 Jason Heistad, Executive Secretary-Treasurer
 Mike Dempsey, Vice-President
 Erez Raz, Vice-President
 Carrie-Lynn Rusznak, Vice-President
 Glen Scott, Vice-President
 Susan Slade, Vice-President
 Karen Weiers, Vice-President







AUPE in the News:

AUPE Bill 4 Town Hall Meetings:  http://www.aupetownhalls.com/

Collective Agreements for the Education Sector Locals: http://www.aupe.org/my-union/education/education-collective-agreements/

President Guy Smith's statement on cabinet wage rollbacks: www.aupe.org/news/presidents-statement-on-cabinet-wage-rollbacks/


Setting the Record Straight on Wages: AUPE


Metro Calgary Article (Feb. 23, 2015) Fears arise that Alberta's AU will be lost


President MacKinnon's emailto staff and students (Feb. 24/15)


Keep Labs Public Campaign - keeplabspublic.ca


Alberta Health Services - General Support Services (AHS GSS)

Please help our brothers and sisters in their plight - www.ahsgss.ca



Seniors Care Crisis:


AUPE has released a documentary film examining the state of  seniors care!  Numbers on a Page: the Seniors Care Crisis in Alberta explores Alberta Health Services’ closure of small town long-term care facilities and the devastating effect on families and communities.  A trailer for the documentary can be viewed at www.putseniorsfirst.com

For more information, contact:

 Karen Weiers, AUPE Vice-President: (403) 561-2482
 Glen Scott, AUPE Vice-President: (403) 479-4508
 Merryn Edwards, AUPE communications officer: (780) 592-1951



Alberta's Sinking Budget Video (AB FedLabour)

is here. 


Better Way Petition -

To the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, in Legislature Assembled:

We the undersigned residents of Alberta, petition the Legislative Assembly to ensure there is enough money to pay for necessary public services like education and health care by introducing tax and royalty reforms that include the following measures:
 ■increasing the tax on corporate profits to a rate that is closer to the national average;
 ■replacing Alberta’s flat income tax with a progressive tax that requires high-income earners to pay higher tax rates than middle and low-income earners;
 ■and introducing royalty changes that ensure Albertans receive a fair share from the sale of their resources.

The petition is here.


Better Way Alberta - website is here.  


Pay and Social Equity Brochure is here. 

How Much do you know about Pay Equity?  Click here.

Pay Equity - what is it?  Powerpoint Presentation is here. 

Petition to enact Pay Equity Legislation is here.  Please print, sign and circulate and then forward to an AUPE Union Steward. 


Upcoming AUPE Convention Dates:


Local 69 Convention Delegates and Observers (Oct. 22 to Sat. Oct. 24, 2015):  Wendy Jewell, Jerry Nolan (Observer), Heath Bowen, Kendrick Richards, Richard Nolan and Bonnie Nahornick.

Convention 2016  - Wednesday, October 12, 2016 (registration) Thursday, October 13, 2016 Friday, October 14, 2016 Saturday, October 15, 2016

Convention 2017  - Wednesday, October 18, 2017 (registration) Thursday, October 19, 2017 Friday, October 20, 2017 Saturday, October 21, 2017

Convention 2018  - Wednesday, October 10, 2018 (registration) Thursday, October 11, 2018 Friday, October 12, 2018 Saturday, October 13, 2018


ALHI (Alberta Labour History Institute): http://www.labourhistory.ca/default.asp?mode=webpage&id=176 


2014 AUPE Convention Minutes